2007, A Very Special Homecoming.

Attached are the pictures of familiar faces returning again, and again, and again as we have done for half a century plus, for the good times, the memories, the parades, the bonfire, the football, dreams of the future, but mainly just to be together this 57th year of the 1953 Continuum.  We did some things well at Dartmouth, and some not as well, but we have excelled at the party of  Life that evolved in the Dartmouth Experience from that very Special Place. That is us and it is the spirit that is celebrated with the voice of Celine Dion in the “I Wish You the Strength of All Elements” found on the home page of the Class Web Site. That is our story.

What made this Homecoming super special was the dedication of the Aquinas House endowment in honor of our spiritual leader, Father Eddie Boyle, who made the journey from his dying bed to be there. Others can say better what this extraordinary holy man has done for mankind, and for all the members of the Dartmouth Class of 1953. I think the spirit and character of this great emissary of the Lord is best expressed by a letter he wrote to the class several weeks before returning to his Creator. Here it is.

Dear Classmates,

Thank you for years of special relations and special kindnesses!

Long ago, fun, growth, and the beginning of life long relationships as undergraduates.  Over intervening years at Reunions and special Class gatherings, your generosity, interest and caring nurtured me.

Interwoven were life-time events; Weddings, Baptisms, and yes, Funerals, as an invited Celebrant.  Through all this I have long ago concluded; “these are really good people!’

And here we come to the Finale!  Over these last months of cancer your caring, your outreach has touched me deeply.  On October 8th, Phil Beekman and Fred Stephens visited me a Campion Center to describe a ’53 Class Endowment Gift to Aquinas House in my name.  I had the joy of attending this Dedication Gift Mass and Reception on Sunday, October 21, with many dear classmates, wives, and friends [fittingly Homecoming Weekend!]

Words simply fail to adequately convey my appreciation for a lifetime of receiving your kindness and caring


On the personal side, Father Eddie came into Joanne’s and my life as we were discerning our Faith Journey, and his counsel and prayers were extraordinary.  We have and always will cherish those times together with him, and we know that, with his recent arrival there is even greater joy in Heaven.  We have been so fortunate to have him amongst us our entire lives.  D/