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Can you find yourself in one of these 1953 Party Pictures from “a while” ago?
And, if you have some pictures you want to include in this “60th Reunion Collage” send them up—lots of room!

The Class of 1953 Memorial Books Program

The Class of 1953 has extended its Legacy of Leadership into another area of College activity and one with a lasting impact on the students and faculty of the future who will benefit from the scholarly works being added to the Library’s collection by the generosity of our Classmates. With a total of 550 books dedicated to classmates and donated to the Dartmouth Libraries Memorial Books program, the Class has become the leader in this program to preserve the scholastic commitment of the Class to our classmates. The Library staff opined in 2020 that the Class of 1953’s generous extracurricular book donations to the Library are unparalleled by any other Dartmouth classes.


Class of ’53 Archives

Excerpts from Herbert Solow:

His Desilu & MGM Legacy.

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A Place for Three Seasons

A Very Special Homecoming


From the California Literary Review

Looking Back at Mussolini

Still More Reunion Pictures by Dave and Bonnie Siegal.

The Barbary Coast Orchestra Goes to Bermuda.

Bill Hazelton Shares His Lifetime Friendship with Kent Robinson and Chris Chrisman, Phi Psi Family

I first met Kent in the summer of 1949 when a mutual friend, realizing that we were both going to Dartmouth, introduced us.   Throughout our Dartmouth years, Kent’s service as a Marine pilot, his business career in marine and aviation insurance, and our years involving raising families, we have remained close friends, always in touch.

I first became a Chris Chrisman admirer when we both joined the Phi Psi house in the Fall of 1950.  Over the years as Chris’ travels took him to various places such as the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Quechee, Vermont and Florida, and we kept in touch, may times through a great mutual friend, Cliff Evan Class of 1954.

Over the years, the Robinsons, Chrismans and Hazeltons spent many mini Phi Psi/Dartmouth reunions together—perhaps one of the most memorable was the 4 or so days we spent on Jolly Island in the 1000 Islands in the early ‘90’s.  In addition,  our festivities were based at the Chrisman condo in Quechee and after Chris sold the condo at various other facilities in Quechee.  Our last reunion was held in October 2006 and Chris flew in from Florida, crutches and all.  Unfortunately some health problems prevented Wilma and Kent from making this one.

I realize there is much more to say about two great lifetime friends, but I have to believe that all of us will again be together some day and then be able to recall of the memories that may have been omitted here.  Thanks for the opportunity to express my feelings about these two great, great friends that we have lost this year.

May God bless Kent and Chris, and their families.   Bill.

Fr. Eddie Boyle honored by the Boston Labor Guild

At the November Cushing-Gavin Awards dinner, held annually by the Boston Archdiocese Labor Guild to honor those who have made extraordinary contributions to the needs of Boston’s workers,  our own Father Eddie Boyle, SJ, received the highest award posthumously, two weeks after succumbing to a long struggle with cancer, and a month after he made the heroic trip to Hanover to be with his beloved Class of 1953.

Eddie’s example in attending the reunion in his final days reflect the kind of dedication, compassion, and raw courage he possessed and shared with all around him .  It was that character that prompted the Guild to honor him .  At the Reunion memorial service just a month before, Eddie had the opportunity to visit with many of the class, to share our mutual love, and to say Aufwiedersehen, “on seeing again.”   He is clearly our spiritual giant.  Amen.

In our memory…

On Wednesday evening , April 16th,  at the express wishes of both Bob and Cathy Callender and their son Will, a large and convivial gathering of Classmates and hundreds of other friends was held at the University Club in New York to warmly celebrate the accomplished and giving life of Bob Callender, whose irrepressible good humor and quick but gentle wit served him and us well for nearly six decades.  His sterling loyalty to Dartmouth and Tuck, most particularly to our Class and to our Classmates, distinguished his exemplary alumnus years.  At what was truly a spirited celebration, our many happy reminiscences of Cal from freshman year onward were enriched by affectionate and moving words from his son Will and a wonderful selection of over a hundred pictures of Bob, his family and friends, screened as a slide show with familiar Dartmouth songs played throughout.  It was a fond farewell to cherish.

Security On Campus, Inc. co -founder and former CEO of Rapidforms, Inc. died peacefully at his Florida home Jan. 1st , age 77.  He was the loving husband of Constance B. Clery for 51 years and the father of three adoring children: Howard III, Benjamin, and Jeanne.

A man of great character, Howard never allowed adversity to defeat him: his many accomplishments, family and friends who love him dearly are testament to the life of a good man. May all who love him find comfort in their memories of Howard.

Life presented many difficult challenges for Howard Clery. Born in Boston, Howard’s father died in 1941 when he was 11 years old. He became a very competitive athlete at Arlington High School playing varsity football when he was stricken with polio during practice in 1945. Despite a year of rehabilitation at Warm Springs, GA. he would wear a heavy steel leg brace and walk on canes for the remainder of his life.